Purchasing our Jewelry Online

From now on we will be selling all of our Jewelry directly on Facebook and Pinterest via Paypal, it is much more efficient and allows me to upload more jewelry in a shorter amount of time. Everything that is currently for sale is still available. I have had a lot of problems with the Online Store servers and their reliability, and the amount of time it takes to add pieces to the store I have decided it is in the best interest of Vintage Jewelry and our customers to sell directly to you through our Facebook Page or Pinterest Wall, and will Securely Invoice you via PayPal for maximum buyer protection. So on the plus side, look out for a boat load of new jewelry available for sale over the next few days, we have some beautiful Vintage pieces that will be for sale very soon! Thank you again for your continued support and understanding, it means a lot to us :)

If you aren’t already a member of our Facebook Page, you can click here to check it out and sign up.

3 thoughts on “Purchasing our Jewelry Online

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